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From an acclaimed creator of the Dead Effect Series, comes TAUCETI UNKNOWN ORIGIN, an action co-op sci-fi FPS game with RPG elements offering a unique and original gameplay experience set on one of the real planets orbiting TauCeti Star.

TauCeti aims to bring a living, breathing science fiction open world based on a strong story about the survival of mankind left for dead. Welcome to our world of TauCeti.

Key Features

TauCeti f, the planet is a beautiful but dangerous place. Most of the planet is formed by dense jungle broken by rocky projections and deep canyons banks washed by a great river with waterfalls, lakes, and great swamps. The ruins of stone buildings and temples of ancient civilizations might offer shelter but they are also holding

danger. A huge cave system underground makes you shiver when you get to see its biggest field of ore which will help you conquer this strange world.

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A unique organic monster AI shaping the world full of life with unpredictable behavior. TauCeti f is a living world overcrowded with dangerous organic creatures shaping this world and acting unpredictably. It is a core game element offering a diverse range of movements and reactions, due to which the planet´s environment is changing constantly.
Dynamic weather and a day/night mode affect the playability. The day takes 2/3 of the time cycle. That gives you enough time to explore the wild world and find various types of ore, objects, and items that can be used for all kinds of enhancements later. While playing, you get a chance to use them for the upgrades of your base, weapons, gear, or a special flying hovercraft.
TauCeti f is a great land of hidden weaponry and polished melee combat system! You get a huge arsenal of experimental weapons with various and destructive effects to protect yourself. The weapons and gear can be found in several versions, and the color will always clearly define the level of the rareness of the given object.
A co-operative game for up to 4 players with a unique PvP option allowing more players to join as an opposing force. The game is primarily developed for a co-operative mode played by several players, which offers much more of a complex game experience as well as a tactical fight against the intelligent monsters.
The game offers RPG elements that enable you to craft, harvests, and go for many cool upgrades. You can enhance, develop and equip the player´s character with lots of weapons of various types, move faster with flying hovers, and get a great pile of useful items to craft and create the original supplies and weapons thanks to the unique blueprints.

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Our first Gamescom stand was a total blast! 

We met so many great people and we had a chance to refresh our network of professionals! We were glad to see our friends from Network N, EGL TV, Tencent, Super!, Unreal Engine, Bethesda, Perfect World again, and experienced some great meetings with publishers. We are grateful to everybody who came along and played TauCeti Unknown Origin, it gave us a huge boost to carry on with the development.

Our thanks go to the Czech Game Developers Association, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, and the CzechInvest for organizing the Czech stand, none of this would happen without them!



TauCeti Unknown Origin - Technology Benchmark Demo now available on your mobile app store!

This is a technology benchmark containing only the beginning of the game that shows possibilities now available on mobile devices. The hi-end device with 3GB RAM and fast GPU is required.

TauCeti Unknown Origin Technology benchmark is an action sci-fi FPS showcasing the high-quality visuals available on the current hi-end mobile devices. It contains the beginning of the game and allows you to test and compare the performance of your mobile device.

TauCeti Unknown Origin throws your protagonist directly into the danger. Your space ship, the famed ESS Meridian (known from Dead effect 2) has gone haywire and crashed. The escape pod saved your life and brought you safely to the surface of the planet Tau Ceti f, directly in the jungle full of unknown life forms, some of them possibly intelligent, and now littered with the debris from the crashed ship. Can you survive and uncover the secrets of the planet?

TauCeti Unknown Origin is a beautiful but dangerous place. From thick tropical rainforests to deep canyons and dangerous marshes, it's full of dangerous fauna and traces of ancient civilizations. Mysterious crumbling temples can offer shelter and knowledge, but they're often full of threats. Lifeforms on the planet are not friendly and they certainly won't behave kindly to pieces of your broken ship and a handful of human survivors.


  • Exotic and unexplored world of the exoplanet TauCeti f
  • Unique organic AI archetypes with unpredictable behaviour
  • Console quality graphics and realistic sound effects with stunning environments
  • Beginning of the game with a strong story, the spiritual sequel of our previous games
  • In-game cinematic intro taking you directly into the action
  • Character creation preview
  • Benchmark test for your smartphone (GPU and CPU)
  • Full controller support

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https://apps.apple.com/us/app/id1500860066 (out now!)

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